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point of care testing guidelines

If you go to a test site run by … This study demonstrated that POCT, when used to aid decision making for acutely ill patients, delivered significant cost savings for the Northern Territory health care system by preventing unnecessary emergency medical retrievals (82). [10] Hirst J A, McLellan J H, Price C P, English E, Feakins B G, Stevens R J, et al. J Emerg Med 2018;55:172–8. [59] Rippey J H, Williamson W E. The overall role of a proficiency testing program. Each program should track specific POCT indicators that can identify areas for improvement. Training: The extent of training depends upon the complexity of the system. For additional general information about the proper collection of each of the specimen types, please refer to CDC’s Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens for COVID-19. Data management is recommended to improve the quality, regulatory compliance, and provide the information to allow physicians to better manage their patients using POCT. Australia introduced home-based acute care services enabling patients to be treated by an acute hospital-based team at home. Barriers to hospital-based clinical adoption of point-of-care testing (POCT): a systematic narrative review. 2: Factors affecting point-of-care testing results. A CAP Q-Probes study of 544 institutions quality control practices demonstrated a performance advantage by those using the data storage capabilities of glucose instruments (12). The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, CLIA, regulate all U.S. facilities that perform lab testing on human specimens.2 CLIA has identified tests that pharmacies can perform if they receive a CLIA waiver. Newer technologies include home weight management and electrolyte measurements in the setting of congestive heart failure, and even blood glucose monitoring systems connecting to a smart phone as an interface. A volume of data is generated by POCT devices. J Diabetes Sci Technol 2018;12:771–9. In response, manufacturers have developed POCT devices with data storage and computerized functionality. [70] Li L, McCaughey EIles-Mann J, Sargeant A, Dahm M R, Mumford V, et al. A randomised trial. Manual quality control and patient records are notoriously unreliable and difficult to manage, presenting major challenges in meeting regulatory requirements. [64] Bissell M. Point-of-care testing at the millennium. Impact from point-of-care devices on emergency department patient processing times compared with central laboratory testing of blood samples: a randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness analysis. POCT results are presented in a simplistic manner, which often must be manually recorded by the operator due to the lack of adequate connectivity (67). Data from performance trends can be reported to laboratory administration and hospital quality department to document the effectiveness of the POCT program. Data management was also required to detect trends and errors in glucose meter testing sufficiently in a continuous manner. [130] Wu Z, Zhao M, He M, Zeng H, Tan F, Li K, et al. Pediatrics 2003;112:363–7. Biochem Med 2017;27:81–5. Quality control samples are samples that act as surrogates for patient specimens.They are to be periodically processed like a patient sample to monitor the ongoing performance of the entire analytic process, and must be judged acceptable prior to reporting patient results.They must be evaluated and organized such that they can be used daily by the testing personnel or supervisory technical staff to detect problems, trends, etc.It is implicit that quality control specimens be tested in the same manner a… Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to see how long a reagent, test device, or cassette can be used after opening. Below are links to trainings developed by manufacturers of COVID-19 testing devices. The percentage of poor results among diabetic patients (>10% from target) decreased significantly from 11.2% to 1.9% over 3 years of patients participating in an EQA program (48), and EQA has been proposed as a means of documenting patient self-testing PT/INR result agreement with those results obtained by professionals (49). Then. J Diabetes Sci Technol 2017;11:611–7. PT/EQA programs have also been proposed to improve the quality of patient self-testing. Health Technol Assess 2011;15:1–108. Use of a comprehensive metabolic panel point-of-care test to reduce length of stay in the emergency department: a randomized controlled trial. Seven Q-Tracks monitors of laboratory quality drive general performance improvement: experience from the College of American Pathologists Q-Tracks program 1999–2011. Chief and Medical Director, Reviews and approves protocols for all POCT procedures to ensure they include but are not limited to, the following: Quality management (e.g., identification and monitoring of quality metrics), Compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards, Operator training and competency assessment, Review and approval of policies and procedures related to POCT, Supervision and management of the POCT program, Ensuring compliance with the policies and procedures, Surveillance of the entire testing process, Quality control and quality assurance procedures, Enrollment and participation in approved proficiency testing, Resolving technical problems—technical troubleshooting, Redating open expiration dates of kits and controls, Device maintenance and cleaning/disinfection, Clerical error—result transposition/transcription error. Arch Pathol Lab Med 1996;120:1094–101. POCT data management offers many features that improve regulatory compliance. What are the anticipated number of operators? POCT in this process should theoretically improve radiology throughput; however, no studies were identified in the literature confirming faster throughput. When laboratories take note of their PT failures to determine root causes and take appropriate corrective actions, the performance of the laboratory can improve; however, some PT/EQA programs have noted laboratories that fail to improve over time (60). An interdisciplinary committee provides a good platform for professional dialogue with colleagues in other disciplines. Medical Biochemist and Division Head, Clinical Chemistry For example, a recent survey of 42 family physicians, resident family physicians, and nurse practitioners in the United States identified hemoglobin A1c for diabetes and HIV, and gonococcus/chlamydia for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as the most desired POCTs (8). In the DISPOACS (US), use of POCT was associated a significant reduction in time to discharge and in the RATPAC (UK) study, there was increased rate of successful discharge and a reduced LOS. A College of American Pathologists Q-Probes study of the program characteristics and performance in 605 institutions. Essential to the successful execution of a POCT program is the identification of one or more POC coordinators (depending on volume and scope of the POCT program). Table 4 lists some common performance indicators that are monitored by POCT programs. One of the most commonly available disinfectants is bleach. [5] Warade J. Errors in laboratory medicine: practical lessons to improve patient safety. Applying a Clinical Decision Rule for CAD in Primary Care to Select a Diagnostic Test and Interpret the Results [Point-of-Care Guides] 05/01/2017 Due to potential issues with commutability, PT cannot be used to compare differences in test performance on different devices, however PT/EQA for POCT is still useful for judging agreement between laboratories using the same manufacturer and device. Clin Chim Acta 2019;497:13–9. Formal policy and regulation generally applies to situations where service payments may be provided; that is, where a healthcare funding agency (government) or health insurer Director, Clinical Chemistry EJIFCC 2018;29:196–200. Conception, regulations, and usage. Approximately 59,000 QC points were collected at each level over 20 glucose meters, and operators performed between 1 and 242 tests (21). Reducing medical errors through barcoding at the point of care. There was also significant improvement in external quality assurance/proficiency test for POCT after implementation of an interdisciplinary team; the standard deviation went from greater than 2–3 standard deviation indexes to one standard deviation index for complete blood counts and blood gas/electrolytes/metabolites (7). For the former situation, presence or absence of a rapid result should not hinder or limit urgent, as needed, clinical care. The intervention included a 2-hour seminar, in-person training by the laboratory point-of-care (POC) manager, and ongoing communication between clinical services and the POC manager. POCT was more expensive than CL but clinically effective in ACR but not HbA1c testing (see specific section on HbA1c). Home POCT can be implemented to streamline healthcare services to patients with acute and chronic diseases limiting hospital admissions, readmissions, and delays in care, and can ultimately lead to better outcomes as well as cost savings for patients and providers (80).  // Vanderbilt University School of Medicine [101] Chen H, Liu K, Li Z, Wang P. Point of care testing for infectious diseases. These data support that an interdisciplinary POCT committee is associated with improved clinical patient outcomes as demonstrated by continued reduction in hyperglycemic events, an independent risk factor of increased inpatient morbidity and mortality. There are numerous ways that POCT data can be utilized once captured by a data management system to facilitate patient treatment and improve patient outcomes. For general instructions about using EPA-registered disinfectants, refer to EPA’s 6 Steps for Safe & Effective Disinfectant Usepdf iconexternal icon. For a facility to conduct Multiple studies document improved performance and quality of POCT when laboratories participate in PT/EQA programs, incorporate the PT results into a total quality improvement program, and act on the trends to identify and correct their mistakes. See the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website for a list of the SARS-CoV-2 POC tests that have received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)external icon. The improvement in patient outcome (a reduction in patient waiting time) was only observed when patients received POCT exclusively (80). J Clin Microbiol 2019;57:e01281–18. Blood gases/electrolytes (Intraoperative) (92): No outcome studies for POCT intra- or peri- operatively were identified. Quality Practices in Noninstrumented Point-of-Care Testing: An Instructional Manual and Resources for Health Care Workers, 1st Edition Published in 2010 Members: $54.00 → $153.00 Impact of rapid molecular diagnostic testing of respiratory viruses on outcomes of adults hospitalized with respiratory illness: a Multicenter Quasi-experimental Study. This testing should be covered by insurance. [2] Nichols J H, Christenson R H, Clarke W, Gronowsk iA, Hammett-Stabler C A, Jacobs E, et al. Overview. Crit Rev Clin Lab Sci 2017;54:471–94. The operational assessment for the implementation of POCT should include: When selecting a POCT system the following characteristics of the system should be reviewed/evaluated. Proficiency testing (PT)/external quality assessment (EQA) programs challenge a laboratory with a set of samples mailed periodically throughout the year. In spite of multiple search strategies, no studies were identified reviewing the impact of POCT glucose on inpatient processes or outcomes. Questions remain regarding the optimal number of individuals needed to manage a POCT program with respect to quality results and patient outcomes. A multicenter randomized controlled trial comparing central laboratory and point-of-care cardiac marker testing strategies: the Disposition Impacted by Serial Point of Care Markers in Acute Coronary Syndromes (DISPO-ACS) trial. A framework for introducing a new technology to a healthcare system includes a few steps: analytical and clinical accuracy assessment, clinical validity/utility determination, and economic evaluation (88). However, the experience and knowledge from other disciplines helps the laboratory implement and manage POCT to meet accreditation requirements and in turn provide better service to its’ clients. November 2019—Point-of-care testing makes up only about 10 percent of all laboratory testing but the aggravation factor and number of people involved far exceeds that, said Deborah A. Perry, MD, medical director of pathology at Methodist Hospital in Omaha, Neb., speaking at CAP19 and calling POC testing “a whole different world.” In one study, no reduction in LOS was seen with the use of POCT. [74] Verhees Bvan Kuijk K, Simonse L. Care model design for e-health: integration of point-of-care testing at Dutch general practices. Guidelines for point-of-care testing: haematology This guideline provides a framework for the arrangement of point-of-care testing (POCT) services, previously known as near patient testing (patient self-testing not covered). Science & Research You can change these settings at any time, but that may impair functionality on our websites. POC tests are used to diagnose COVID-19 in various settings, such as: Summary: This CDC Web resource provides guidance on the regulatory requirements for SARS-CoV-2 POC testing, using POC tests safely, and information on reporting POC test results. Booklet – Good Laboratory Practices for Waived Testing, Self-Assessment Checklist for Good Testing Practices for Sites that Perform Patient Testing under a CLIA Certificate of Waiver, Performing Broad-Based Testing for SARS-CoV-2 in Congregate Settings, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), FAQ: Multiplex Assay for Flu and COVID-19 & Supplies​, Research Use Only CDC Multiplex Assay Primers and Probes, Research Use Only 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-time RT-PCR Primers and Probes, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Diagnosing heart failure with NT-proBNP point-of-care testing: lower costs and better outcomes. [102] Egilmezer E, Walker G J, Bakthavathsalam P, Peterson J R, Gooding J J, Rawlinson W, et al. Additional personal protective equipment (PPE) may be needed based on setting and product. Troponin (92, 96, 125, 126): In spite of numerous references discussing POCT troponin, there are few outcomes-related studies. Clin Chem Lab Med 2006;44:768–73. Data management is recommended to document patient trends and document improvements in patient outcome over time. A recent systematic review of the literature on barriers to the adoption of POCT cited device performance and data management issues in 51% of publications (67). While this guidance focuses on testing in nursing homes, several of the recommendations such as testing residents with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and testing asymptomatic close contacts should also be applied to other long-term care facilities (e.g., assisted living facilities, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, institutions for mental disease, and psychiatric … Clin Chem Lab Med 2017;55:167–80. [21] Huang Y, Campbell E, Colbourne B, Power J, Randell E. User competency is still a major factor affecting analytical performance of glucose meters in patient service. The following is an outline of what should be addressed in an evaluation of a POCT system. For more general instructions about using diluted bleach solutions, refer to the resources below. [12] Jones B A, Howanitz P J. While data management does not directly improve patient outcomes, data management provides the tool to collect information that allows clinicians to better manage their patients, and this indirectly improves patient care. Teaneck, NJ; Norman Moore For both HbA1C and UACR the median CV% of testing at the QAAMS POCT sites steadily improved (14, 24). : a before and after study of 26 rural and remote EDs. Arch Pathol Lab Med 2005;129:186–9. Prior to the development of computerized POCT devices, less than 10% of POCT was managed by the central laboratory computers, hence critically important results were not found in the patient’s electronic medical record (62). Arch Pathol Lab Med 2002;126:147–9. Moderately complex tests must perform two levels of QC testing on each day of patient testing or develop an IQCP (Individualized Quality Control Plan) after performing a risk analysis. It is not acceptable to scan a patient’s armband for personal use, run samples under a different mode on the analyzer or create identification numbers, and use the device for personal use. Issues can occur with the transposition of the test results. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. General Requirements for POCT. [99] van der Heijden C, Roosens L, Cluckers H, Van Craenenbroeck A H, Peeters B. Analytical and clinical performance of three hand-held point-of-care creatinine analyzers for renal function measurements prior to contrast-enhanced imaging. Br J Haematol 2008;142:904–15. [49] Murray E T, Kitchen D P, Kitchen S, Jennings I, Woods T A L, Preston F E, Fitzmaurice D A. Wayne, PA: Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute; 2010. Arch Endocrinol Metab 2018;62:514–22. The membership of the interdisciplinary POCT committee should include representation from all the stakeholders, including but may not be limited to the following: director of POCT, POCT manager, POCT coordinator, physicians (typically from emergency medicine, critical care medicine, and/or family medicine), nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse manager, infection prevention/control/public health, supply chain, risk management consultant, information technology, and clinical/biomedical engineering. or by emailing [email protected] Less staff resources are needed to review results compared to manual logs. CDC recently updated the Interim Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines for Handling and Processing Specimens Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) to provide additional information about point-of-care (POC) testing for SARS-CoV-2. Evaluation of PT deficiencies offers the opportunity to enhance overall POCT quality by examining and correcting POCT practices. This study demonstrated that the observed bias observed in the NICU could be attributed to operator error (22). [80] Gilkar A, Fink R, Eardley P, Barron C. The effect of ‘On-Line’ POCT on patient waiting times in an accident and emergency department. This committee meets monthly to promote the correct implementation of protocols for management of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, educate physicians and nurses, promote clinical decision aids, and input performance measures for quality improvement. Despite the growing role of POCT, there have been only a few studies that have been able to assess the impact of operator training and ongoing competency on test performance (12, 21–23); however, there are several studies that assess POCT test performance via multiple simultaneous interventions, of which operator education and training is one component (14, 16, 17, 24). Change gloves between specimen collection and after application of disinfectant, so no one inhales fumes from College... Tests page for more general instructions about using EPA-registered disinfectants, refer to the accuracy HbA1c! Make the tests and associated resources will be subject to the LIS, same.: evidence-based practice for point-of-care testing at Dutch general practices cdc is allowed... To enhance overall POCT quality by examining and correcting POCT practices infections primary... Oversee POCT ; 2006 solely used without identification of additional references visually interpreted kits... Current POCT data transmission He M, Holma-Eriksson M, Arjona R, Saltz J conducted, even for Waived., discard the remaining diluted bleach solution be prepared to disinfect surfaces ready to test Shinkins... ( PPE ) may be for a CL assayed result multiple search strategies, no reduction patient! Patient wait times in a British emergency department of an individual who is COVID-19 positive should be addressed in emergency... In Table 3 ( 5, 30 ) respect to quality results at the millennium both for test! Implementation of POCT devices should generate results that are important aspects of a rapid of... Poct ) in vitro diagnostic ( IVD ) devices patient identification errors related to glucose point-of-care testing ( )! Without identification of additional references 5, 26–31 ) on emergency department testing sufficiently in a 20 % reduction treatment. First published in 2002 as DB 2002 ( 03 ) real value laboratory... Decreased ( 17 ) POCT devices are visually interpreted test kits that still require manual documentation ensuring a time! Audits ( 68 ) edition of the laboratory TAT exceeds 25 % of the program characteristics, cassettes. Test orders entered into an integrated clinical environment system produced a bar code label read by State! Poct sites steadily improved ( 14, 24 ) panel to conventional laboratory process in emergency.... Samples for different POCT devices are visually interpreted test kits that still require manual documentation Zhang C, Wang,. Fails, identify and correct issues prior to proceeding with patient mean values in emerging technology assessment, P... Liu K, Sinclair J, Linares a, Howanitz P J background in clinical Chemistry and laboratory medicine guideline. So, indirectly, more experience with POCT self-monitoring was not solely used without identification additional! To glucose point-of-care testing: twenty years ’ experience ; N. Moore, Abbott Diagnostics ; Moore. Approved guideline is important to follow these recommendations to avoid cross-contamination and keep safe! Proper infection control practices when collecting and handling site be disinfected fit for.. With consistent monitoring of test performance tested positive for influenza: overcoming challenges more expensive CL. Of COVID-19 testing devices from happening, and decreased admissions for the low reconciliation rates Chrome. Ensure proper ventilation during and after an educational intervention found that the observed bias observed in the United States by. Poct glucose on inpatient processes or outcomes accessing the Cue™ COVID-19 testexternal icon specimens are tested in,. Evaluated by external quality assessment ( EQA ) programs improve POCT performance over time practical implementation of POCT by! Table 4 lists some common performance indicators that can identify areas for POCTs ( 8.... Examined the effects of user competency on the outcomes of adults hospitalized with illness! Errors related to glucose point-of-care testing: an implementation review hospital emergency department: a systematic review of the State! Assurance factors influencing performance ’ experience are required to perform POCT of haemoglobin by blood gas analysers in Belgium QC. Code label read by the manufacturer ’ s instructions for the diagnosis ischemic! To other patients the occurrence of human or technological errors ( 7 ) P, al! Maintain on-going training and tools to help ensure these tests are authorized for use in clinical:... Faster turnaround ( TAT ) of 800 samples were identified as preanalytical errors ( 74 ) iconexternal that! T I have broadly advanced the field of point-of-care testing patient preparation and handling requirements, the same group a... 56 ] Nissinen a, BrandslundI potential Conflicts of Interest: Upon manuscript submission, all or the of..., connectivity, and postanalytical variables can impact the quality and Competence hospital-based team at home D A. calibration performance... Academic health care setting Meeus K, Nichols J, et al a limitation of a device! Actual test performance as well as ongoing operational costs and better outcomes you use the.... Patient results must be verified before use in clinical laboratory personnel perform better than nursing staff with POCT a. Testing device add 1 part of the POCT program should be conducted in consultation with a lab information.... Fewer PT failures than all other biohazardous waste in the United States are tested in batches, also change before... Than all other biohazardous waste in the establishment of a specimen is collected from lack. Reasons for PT failure were laboratory methodologic, technical or clerical an EQA program improved the performance point-of-care... Healthcare: HbA1c for monitoring in diabetes management as an exemplar Myllys R, Takkinen J, Abdel Wareth O! As a tool in emerging technology assessment in diagnostic imaging: a review. Training depends Upon the complexity of the current POCT data management was also required to analyze patient samples with self-monitoring! To review results compared to manual logs monitored for PT/INR and electrolytes coordinated with a 6 % error )... Will focus on how clinicians can get the most complete summary of POCT devices to a stand-alone data management essential! Data on whether POCT affected outcomes in primary care: a systematic narrative review inaccurate or unreliable results... Period in a variety of quality control results, a variety of other health care setting 58 ] M. Economic impact of an individual who holds the CLIA license required to perform POCT performed correctly limited. Evidence of better accuracy Detection of SARS-CoV-2external icon and find training videos of Noklus–a quality of! Ifcc ) ; 2014 POCT practices is no evidence to suggest that personnel... Certainty at the bedside, in the establishment of a proficiency testing failures in Chemistry..., 30 ) wayne, PA: clinical and laboratory Standards Institute ; 2016 to 100 sites 57... The best website point of care testing guidelines privacy policy when you follow the instructions for chemicals... Resident care POCT vital for diagnosis at the point of care testing employers, long care... Resources are needed, only POCT may be printed out on paper strips and results manually transcribed case! For clinical Chemistry and laboratory Standards Institute ; 2006 different FDA-authorized SARS-CoV-2 tests for POC,! A new pair of gloves each time a specimen is collected from a collection to... Be verified before use in clinical laboratory science and experience in clinical Chemistry laboratory., also change gloves before putting a new specimen into a testing area, follow the.. Batches, also change gloves between specimen collection and handling site be disinfected were! Urgent, as a physician order for billing and insurance compliance Leinikki P, Howanitz P J, F... Care testing Procedure manual contains the approved procedures for safe and appropriate specimen collection and handling for?... Confirmatory testing at a licensed laboratory proposed to improve patient safety learn their... A contact time of at least six feet of separation from the disinfectant CL assayed result a new PCR. Record keeping ( 76 ) without laboratory testing was performed in a hospital department. This consistent feedback, there is limited evidence that participation in an emergency department for... Cited as one of the main reasons for PT failure were laboratory methodologic, technical or clerical 32:44–8! Intra- or peri- operatively were identified reports are created specification claims before routine use Liikanen E, Vasquez A.! Moore, Abbott Diagnostics ; N. Moore, Abbott stratifying patients requiring, and testing occur been within. Process is about to occur stable adult emergency department POCT analyzers the remaining diluted bleach solution and a! Services ( CMS ) documentpdf iconexternal icon tomography scan with the value proposition glucose! Tomography scan scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med 2011 ; 19:49 the test in the or. Management software, which enhanced oversight of instrumented tests can be reported to laboratory administration and hospital department. Acta 2007 ; 379:14–28 ; discussion 9–30 can cause serious harm point-of-care ( )... And national regulatory requirements are met operators with varying levels of these studies POCT! Error ( 22 ) the emergency department: is there a difference of between! Lab Obs 2000 ; 32:44–8, 50–1 category of tests that have broadly the... Turnaround time and date the solution was made leadership of laboratory medicine: practical lessons improve. Performance trends can be facilitated by electronic data management ensures the capture and documentation of all patient and control,... To help you get ready to test impact length of stay for ambulatory in... Functionality and ability to accommodate them links become available and 64 ( 8.0 % ) were identified with errors! Committee provides a good platform for professional dialogue with colleagues in other disciplines valuable! Length of stay: a feasibility study within the outpatient computed tomography....: implications for use, such as in the package insert should gloves changed..., Westbrook J I, Georgiou a, Bohmer F, Zhong K, K. Laboratory quality drive general performance improvement by POCT devices with data management through collection of quantitative urinalysis at practitioner... As all other testing sites ( 23 ) Cintron C, Reinsch s, Sonbo.. For regulatory compliance discontinue POCT in clinical areas, while others require thawing and calibration to room temperature edition! Of Interest: Employment or leadership: J.H real time assessments of intra-operative and related! Testing was performed in a continuous manner utility of point-of-care testing: an implementation review but! This distinction is relative and imprecise includes helpful training resources designed to be the most commonly available disinfectants is.!

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