Your Guide to Buying Internal Doors

Doors are the portals to the spaces that we spend most of our time in. As such, we believe that they shouldn’t be chosen at the hands of a capricious inclination. A door can define a space’s aesthetics as much as a piece of furniture or art. We approach each door with a distinctive outlook which means each and every piece that we produce is completely unique and never identical.

An internal door can be a talking point in your home design, but it can also be a protective barrier from fire or even offer an opportunity for light to find a way into your home. Take a look through our Guide to Buying Internal Doors to get an idea of what you should be looking out for:


The style of door that you opt for will depend on what function you want it to perform. Taking into account the space that you’re working with is a good place to start. If you’re choosing a door for a historic, or traditionally designed space then you may want to play it safe with a classically designed door, or you could opt for a striking anachronistic contrast by choosing a Contemporary or Exotic design.

Regardless of the style that you opt for, quality is of high priority. Manufactured in Britain and made in Italy by skilled craftsmen alike, you’ll benefit from high-end coordinated lipping and a precision finish.

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We source the finest materials to create our range of Portfolio doors, but which door you decide on will likely be based on its aesthetic appeal above anything else. Oak continues to be a material that is in high demand, we use this hard-wearing attractive wood in our timeless Two Stile and Vertical doors, both of which exude a luxurious warmth and exceptional quality. Our Walnut, Durador and Ash models also offer a breadth of tones that suit a wide range of décors.

For those looking for an adventurous, daring grain we offer striking doors in Ebony and Wenge. These Vertical designs are provocative in their boldness, their contrasting grains give any interior space an original design twist with bold shades and exciting textures.

Fire Doors and Safety

All of our Internal Fire Doors are third-party accredited by Certifire; a UKAS approved product certification body. Our doors offer FD30 or FD60 fire protection depending on what product you choose. This means that our fire doors have been designed to prevent the passage of fire for either 30 or 60 minutes.>

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We offer a wide array of glazing options for both commercial and domestic options that can be applied to our entire range of doors. Glazing interior doors is a good idea for spaces that naturally need more light. You might feel that a study or dining room could benefit from some more illumination, glazing an internal door is an easy way of doing this without resorting to installing more light fittings or windows.

For more information about our range of doors, including technical specifications, take a look at our Collection.