More than just ‘doors’

For us, Portfolio doors are more than just doors. They are gateways to the rooms in which we spend most of our lives – defining a space with just as much individual taste and style as our choice of table, sofa, or window.

Portfolio is a range of doors made with this idea of ‘more’ in mind. With veneers hand crafted in Italy and finished doors manufactured in the UK, Portfolio doors are designed to bring more original ideas, more personality as well as more innovative tones, textures and moods to interior spaces.


More personality and more innovative tones


We do it by bringing more expertise, design, craft, precision and service to the task of making, what we think are simply the very best doors available.


More Expertise


It’s the accumulated knowledge and dedicated expertise of our manufacturing teams working in both Italy and the UK, that allows our design team to push the boundaries to create the original and innovative designs, colours, textures and finishes that define the Portfolio Collection.

What makes Portfolio special?

Let more expertise, design, craft, precision and service in.

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